Despite Fed’s Change, OceanGrafix Will Continue Printing Paper Charts

Mariners can order any chart from OceanGrafix
and know that it includes all available NOAA updates.

On April 13, 2014, the federal government will stop producing paper charts. But we at OceanGrafix will continue to print paper charts—just as we have always done.

Since 2001, we’ve produced NOAA-approved, print-on-demand paper charts that, because they are printed at the time they are ordered, include all available NOAA updates.

In addition to these NOAA-approved charts for U.S. waters, we also offer NGA charts for international waters, NHS charts for Norwegian coastal waters, historical charts and more. View our full product list here or shop our paper charts now. Rest assured; though the fed will stop printing paper charts, we will not.


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