It’s Hurricane Season—Be Prepared!

Part 3: Practicing Preparedness

Throughout the hurricane season, which runs through November 30, it’s important to increase awareness, pay attention to news and emergency alerts, and know what to do before, during and after a hurricane. Learn how to prepare.

Boater Safety
For boaters, hurricane preparedness requires extra diligence—and extra steps. Here are some tips and resources from the U.S. Coast Guard:

  • Check marine weather: Check the weather each and every time you head out and continue to monitor it throughout your time on the water.
  • Get the Coast Guard Mobile AppDesigned for boaters, this app lets you check the weather at nearby NOAA buoys, including wind speed and directions, along with wave height.
  • In the event of a hurricane watch: If you have a boat, review your marina’s hurricane plan and secure your boat. This might mean taking your boat out of the water and strapping it down on shore or ensuring it is properly equipped to ride out the storm at the marina.


Hurricane Tracking Charts
OceanGrafix offers a variety of hurricane tracking charts that let you track and record storms throughout the hurricane season. Select the hurricane chart that’s right for you.


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