It’s Hurricane Season—Be Prepared!

Part 2: The 2016 Hurricane Forecast

Spring is hurricane season. Some years, Mother Nature delivers widespread destruction (think Katrina in 2005); other years, there are few, if any, landfalls. What does this year’s storm season have in store?

This Year’s Forecast

Statistically, there is no direct correlation between the number of storms or hurricanes and U.S. landfalls in any given season. According to the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season forecast released by Colorado State University, a total of 12 named storms, five hurricanes, and two major hurricanes are expected this season. Some of these storms could hit the US mainland, but landfalls are impossible to predict with any accuracy. As a point of comparison, each year for the past 30 years there has been an average of 12 named storms, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes.

Be Prepared!

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 15-21, 2016) is your time to prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane. NOAA offers daily tips on how to best prepare for hurricane season. Share these tips with your friends and family to ensure that they’re prepared as well. Remember: even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by widespread flooding, powerful winds, and tornadoes.

Along with earthquakes, hurricanes are nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you need to be prepared. Given a hurricane’s potential for destruction, it’s best to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.


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