Travel the Mississippi in Style!

There’s debate about whether 11th century Viking Leif Erikson discovered America before Christopher Columbus did. However, for all their travels, neither the notorious Viking nor the European traversed the harrowing journey all the way up the Mississippi River. That trip was reserved for a different breed of men—the French fur trappers.

Back before the United States was even “the colonies,” the French were venturing up and down the Mississippi River in search of a product of immense value back in Europe: fur. Groups of tough French men would get in canoes and travel up and down the Mississippi River in search of animals to kill, skin and eventually sell abroad. They would carry hundreds of pounds of equipment and travel up and down stream by canoe all day.

If you’ve ever wondered what a trip up the Mississippi would be like, soon you’ll have the chance to experience it without having to test your gall like the French did. You’ll be able to skip all the weight carrying, paddling, and animal killing of days gone and instead travel the Mississippi in style. That’s because Viking River Cruises announced recently that they’ll be adding a Mississippi cruise.

The scenic cruise will be aboard a craft much smaller than the floating hotels that venture to places like the Caribbean and start in famous New Orleans. Fashioned to look like old 19th century steamboats, these ships will allow you to see the changing landscape of our country from South to North and get a sense for the historic land that the river encompasses. As soon as 2017, you’ll be able to go as far north as St. Paul (home of OceanGrafix!) or you could choose to stop off in Memphis.


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