4 Helpful Apps to Increase Your Boating Safety

Even though we constantly emphasize the importance of having a paper chart on hand, not every situation is going to require that you use it. For those boaters that want to add some useful boating safety tools to their phones, here are a few cool apps for Android or iOS devices that do more than just help navigate.

Boat Essentials-USCG Safety Gear (free): Never sure what to bring along before a trip at sea? Boat Essentials-USCG Safety Gear is an app that lists everything boaters need before going out on the water based on what type of boat they have. Recommended for both the forgetful boater and the careful one.

WindGuru (free): The art of licking one’s finger and sticking it in the air to feel which way the wind is going has essentially been lost to the ages. Download WindGuru, the handy app that gives real-time information on wind speed and direction all over the world.

Boat Ramps (free): Recreational fishermen and women in search of the perfect place to launch their boat are going to love Boat Ramps. The name is pretty self-explanatory: the app brings up a map of a lake or body of water and shows the multiple places that boaters can launch their boats.

Pro Knot ($1.99): Instructions on how to tie hundreds of knots can be found in this app, an essential for anyone being introduced to boating. Download the app and learn a few of these knots before going boating because it’s much more difficult to learn to tie one of these on the fly rather than at home in the living room.


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