Charles W. Morgan in Midst of Historic Three-Month 38th Voyage

The Charles W. Morgan is in the midst of its historic three-month 38th voyage, which includes stops at seaports in New England. OceanGrafix is proud to partner with Landfall Navigation to donate 24 charts to the voyage, which will span ports from Mystic, Conn., to Boston, Mass. Currently, the Charles W. Morgan is on her way to New Bedford, Mass., after spending four days berthed in Vineyard Haven, Mass. Prior to the Vineyard Haven stop and time in Newport, R.I., the Charles W. Morgan participated in sea trials off of New London, Conn. The sea trials were her first active sail since the 1920s! The goal of the four sea trials was to prepare her for the full voyage up the New England coast. According to the Mystic Seaport website, the Charles W. Morgan was once a part of an American whaling fleet comprised on 2,700 vessels; today, it is America’s oldest commercial ship that is still afloat. In November 1941, the Charles W. Morgan came to Mystic Seaport, where she was a centerpiece of the Mystic Seaport. More than 20 million visitors have stepped onboard to tour and learn more about America’s history. In November 2008, the Charles W. Morgan returned to the Museum’s shipyard for restoration. When the vessel returns to Mystic Seaport in August 2014, she will resume her role as an exhibit and the flagship of the museum. The seaport website is not only tracking the Charles W. Morgan’s progress on this journey; it is also providing excerpts from the ship’s whaling voyages in the late 1800s and early 1900s. According to the website, “Spelling, syntax and the whaleman’s jargon will be retained, and occasionally a link will be added to the image of the original logbook to give further insight into the world of the American whaleman. The life of the whaleman could be extremely frenetic during the hunt, physically taxing during the cutting in and trying out, and downright boring as the ship traveled thousands of miles in search of their prey. The entries will hopefully express a little of each.” Go here for more information about the history of the Charles W. Morgan and to read frequently asked questions about her current voyage, as the Mystic Seaport has compiled a wealth of valuable information.


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