Winter Safety Gear


A good share of the country has already seen horrible winter weather, with some areas experiencing record lows even before Thanksgiving. Where we live has been no exception. Sliding on bridge decks and exit ramps recently, I was reminded to make sure that my car is equipped with the necessary “survival” tools.

Another survival kit to consider is one for your boat. The off-season is the perfect time to assess your needs and replace or add missing items. For example, having current nautical charts on hand will assist you in planning and executing your trip safely and having a marine radio and flares are critical if something unforeseen occurs.

The US Coast Guard recently put together a list of safety items for Cyber Monday. The list contains several excellent gift ideas for the boater in your life. But what I really like about this collection—other than the aforementioned nautical charts—is that it also contains a few FREE ideas, like filling out float plans, scheduling vessel safety checks and enrolling your loved one in a boating safety course.

While you are waiting for the thaw, make the most of the winter and get ready for the next boating season. Fortunately, it always comes.


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