Convenient Charts for Mariners

OceanGrafix recently announced the addition of a new waterproof format, available for nearly all of our charts. Printed on a high-grade synthetic material, the charts become completely impervious to water. We know that mariners face a variety of conditions onboard that can make it challenging to keep paper charts dry, and this new format will ensure that charts can be utilized under even the most challenging conditions.

In addition to the waterproof format, we produce another convenient chart option—charts that can be folded down to a 7” x 12” size. Recognizing that storing full size charts can be difficult on smaller boats, OceanGrafix acquired an innovative folding machine that allows all of our 36-inch wide NOAA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) charts to be delivered in the folded format.

While our standard charts meet the needs of many of our clients, some environments call for alternatives. The waterproof and folded formats give our mariners more options. We hope these options will help ensure that mariners use charts onboard—and improve their safety on the water.


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