Auxiliary Member Receives Award for War of 1812 Work

A Coast Guard Auxiliary member was recently recognized with an award for his contribution in uncovering facts about POWs from the War of 1812. Auxiliarist Bill Nelson received the Coast Guard Auxiliary Meritorious Service Medal after discovering the names of 86 U.S. serviceman of the Revenue Cutter Service, now known as the U.S. Coast Guard.

These soldiers, fighting for a young America trying to make its place in the world, were captured and imprisoned by the Brits. The fate and history of these men was lost and forgotten. Until now.

In addition to the database of the names of the 86 soldiers, Nelson created a memorial board containing the names of the POWs. This memorial traveled as part of the War of 1812 bicentennial events and will be permanently housed on the Coast Guard’s Cutter Eagle.

In recognition of the War of 1812, OceanGrafix now prints historical charts commemorating its 200th anniversary. Available charts include those for harbors in New York, Boston, Norfolk, Baltimore and New Orleans. Each unique chart contains authentic navigational data and facts and images pertinent to the war.


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