Coast Guard Auxiliary Joins Forces with the Alliance for Safe Navigation

I am proud to spread the recent news that the Alliance for Safe Navigation team, of which OceanGrafix is a part, is becoming even stronger with the addition of its newest member: the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Alliance is also made up of OceanGrafix, BoatU.S., Jeppesen, the Sea Tow Foundation, and the United States Power Squadrons. The mission of the Alliance is to raise boater awareness about the importance of up-to-date navigational information.

With the motto of Semper Paratus, or “always ready,” the Coast Guard Auxiliary has vast responsibilities, but its primary goal is recreational boating safety. It is this emphasis on safety that makes the Auxiliary a perfect addition to the Alliance, as boating safety is clearly connected to the use of accurate navigational data.

“During our vessel safety checks, we always ask if boaters have current charts onboard,” explains Ed Martin, a 38-year retired veteran of NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey. “That’s because paper and electronic charts must be constantly maintained to reflect any changes by man or nature. Boaters need to use the most up-to-date charts available and, when operating in coastal waters, have the largest scale available.”

“All of our members strive to increase the awareness around the need for accurate navigational tools, and the Auxiliary will help us further that message,” adds Dave DeGree, a founder member of the Alliance for Safe Navigation. “We sincerely welcome the Auxiliary and look forward to significant contributions on their part.”

I second that. Welcome and thanks to the Coast Guard Auxiliary.


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