Alliance for Safe Navigation

There are many organizations dedicated to safe boating, but the one we wish to recognize is the Alliance for Safe Navigation. The Alliance is made up of industry leaders that all share a commitment to boating safety.

The goal of the Alliance for Safe Navigation is to raise the boating community’s understanding of and appreciation for up-to-date navigational information. The Alliance encourages mariners to recognize the large number of changes made to their charts and to keep their electronic and paper charts accurate, which is inexpensive and easy to do.

How easy, you ask? You can start by going to Then, enter your NOAA chart number on the home page. You’ll be directed to a listing of recent changes to your chart. Once you know how many and what type of changes have been made, you can either 1) make the corrections on your existing paper chart, 2) purchase an update for your electronic chart, or 3) purchase an up-to-date paper chart.

Members of the Alliance include Boat U.S., Jeppesen, NOAA, OceanGrafix, Sea Tow Foundation, and United States Power Squadrons.


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